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Spotpass privacy policy (draft)

We're still working on this, but here are the basic principals:

  • We respect your privacy and do our best to maintain it
  • We collect only the data needed to provide the service
  • We don't share your spotpass ID or your email address with anyone
  • We don't provide tracking data to producers (more on this below)
  • We don't share data with third parties
  • We do not store your credit card information directly.

What we share

Naturally, we share information about your purchases with producers so that they can give you the stuff you've purchased.

Some producers operate multiple sites. Purchases that you have made on one website will be shared with the producer, and therefore may be shared with other websites.

However, while we do share purchase data, we generate a unique customer ID which we provide to producers. This means that if you purchase items from different producers, they can't track you. We call this identifier the Producer-Consumer ID or PCID for short.

Since the PCID is unique for each producer, producers can only see what you've bought from them. Spotpass doesn't expose your purchase history to anyone other than the producer you're buying from.

What we collect

  • We collect your email address so we can send you information about your account.
  • We collect your name, if you provide it to us.
  • We collect your credit card details, but we store them with a third party.
  • We collect information about attempted, completed and cancelled purchases and topups.
  • We log your activity on the Spotpass purchase ad portal websites, and APIs.
  • We may collect other information as required by third-party anti-fraud services in order to prevent fraud.

Privacy Safeguards

Spotpass' use of a PCID means that purchasers can't use spotpass purchase data to track you through third-party identity aggregators.

What we can't control

We do what we can, but we have no control over the privacy safeguards of the sites you visit. While Spotpass does not attempt to identify you personally, and we limit the information we collect and share about you, this does not stop producers from using other means to identify you, and we can't stop them from sharing your purchase information.