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About Spotpass

Spotpass is a fast, fun, easy and safe way to financially support the websites you visit.

Why Spotpass?

Spotpass makes it super easy for you to make small payments to websites. We do this by:

  • Taking privacy seriously.
  • Treating people fairly.
  • Making payments super fast and convenient.
  • Being a friendly, inviting and safe place for both buyers and sellers.

Spotpass supports payments from USD $0.01 to no more than USD $0.99.

Credit cards are inconvenient for small payments. Aside from being slow, the cost of credit card processing is too high to support small payments.

How It Works

With spotpass, you sign up once, top up your account using your credit card, and use the balance to make quick, small purchases from participating websites.

The maximum value of a topup is just USD $10. We don't store your credit card details (unless you ask us to), and we don't charge recurring fees of any kind.

Once you have a balance in your Spotpass account, you can spend it at any participating website.

Making a Purchase

When you make a purchase with Spotpass, the funds come from your Spotpass balance, not from your credit card. A Spotpass purchase will never directly charge your credit card.

With Spotpass, you can buy access to content such as news, or services such as wifi hotspots. The price and duration of access is determined by each individual website.

Spotpass websites may sell their products in any currency, but when you use click on a Spotpass price tag, you will be shown the value in your own currency, and you can cancel the purchase if you don't want to continue.

Regardless of the currency, websites who sell products with Spotpass can charge no more than the equivalent of USD $0.99; most Spotpass products are USD 20c or less. Because the value of Spotpass transactions is low, a single $10 topup should be good for 25 to 100 transactions.

Fast and Safe

Spotpass transactions are fast and safe. When you click on the Spotpass logo to purchase a product or service, you're always prompted to authorize the payment, which is always displayed in your own currency. If you authorize the payment, the product is provided.

Unlike a credit card, authorization of a small payment takes less than a second, and you don't have to enter any card numbers or other stuff. Just click Authorize or Cancel, and you're done.

We don't store your credit card details unless you ask us to. If we do store your details, we'll automatically topup your account when it gets below a level you select. You can change your preferences at any time.

A website can never charge you without your explicit permission.

Our Mission

Spotpass is making a better internet by reducing the internet's dependence on targeted advertising, improving the profitability of legitimate websites, and introducing an element of fun and spontaneity into online commerce.

We believe that people have a right to basic privacy when they go online. Unfortunately, websites have come to depend on the money they make from targetted advertising, which is sold by large tracking companies. Targetted advertising works by tracking your use of the web, and developing a profile of who you are. The more information that tracking companies have about you, the more they can charge for advertising. The more intrusive the tracking, the more money the trackers can make. Put simply, trackers are financially motivated to invade your privacy.

Spotpass provides websites with a fun, safe and easy alternative to targetted advertising, which benefits both the website and their visitors.

Spotpass does not sell tracking or targetting information about our users. See our privacy policy for more information.